Swapping Variable Values in Python

In this article, we'll see different ways to swap variables including shorter single line way. Swapping variable values also referred as swapping variables.

Get Python Version via Command Line

This article, guide you through the retrieval of Python version via command line.

Find the length of a string using len() function in Python

In this article, we explain a way to find length of a string using built-in len() function, for e.g, length of "Earth is a beautiful planet in Solar System" is 43 (including space).

Program to Print Hello, World! in Python

To display text on our screen, we will use built-in function print(). It will print back arguments provided in the function. In this article we’ll how to write a program to displays “Hello, World!

Python - Comparison Operators

Python provides operators that can be used to compare values or values within variables. As as the name implies. Both `==` and `!=` are considered as Comparison operators.

Python - Arithmetic Operators

Python supports different arithmetic operators that can be used to performs mathematical calculations on the values and variables. The basic arithmetic operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Arithmetic operations are performed according to the order or precedence of operators.