Java - LinkedIn Skill Assessments Quizzes with Answers

In this article, you will find LinkedIn Assessment, Questions and Answers for Java.

Constructor in JAVA

Java constructor is a special function which is use to initialize object and whose name is same as class name. The types of constructor: **no-argument**, **default** and **parameterized** constructors. Constructor is a special method to initialize the state of an object

Java - Relational Operators

Java provides operators that can be used to check the relationship between values or values within variables also known as operands. All relational operators, less than(<), less than or equal to(<=), greater than(>), greater than and equal to(>=) gives resultant value in boolean i.

Java - Comparison Operators

Java provides operators that can be used to compare values or values within variables. As the name implies both `==` and `!=` are used for Comparison.

Java - Arithmetic Operators

Java supports different arithmetic operators that can be used to performs mathematical calculations on the values and variables aka operands. The basic arithmetic operations includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. are performed with these operators.

Introduction to JAVA

Java is a high-level general programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java runs on more than 5.5billion devices that quite huge.

Pattern programs in Java

In this article we will see different patterns that can be printed using loops in JAVA.

Program to mixup characters of 2 strings in JAVA

In this article we’ll see a program to mixup characters of 2 string in JAVA. Input Consider a two strings as Good and Day. Code public class StringMixup { public static void main(String[] args) { String str1 = "Good", str2 = "Day"; int i = 0, str1Length = str1.

Identify whether the number is Even or Odd in JAVA

If any number is exactly divisible by 2 then it’s an even number else it’s an odd number. In this tutorial we’ll see how to check whether the provided number is even or odd number using Modulo(%).

Write a Program to print Hello, World! in JAVA

A program to print "Hello World!" in JAVA.