Pattern programs in Java

In this article we will see different patterns that can be printed using loops in JAVA.

Program to mixup characters of 2 strings in JAVA

In this article we’ll a program to mixup characters of 2 string in JAVA. Input Consider a two strings as Good and Day. Code public class StringMixup { public static void main(String[] args) { String str1 = "Good", str2 = "Day"; int i = 0, str1Length = str1.

Identify whether the number is Even or Odd in JAVA

If any number is exactly divisible by 2 then it’s an even number else it’s an odd number. In this tutorial we’ll see how to check whether the provided number is even or odd number using Modulo(%).

Write a Program to print Hello, World! in JAVA

A program to print "Hello World!" in JAVA.