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When you want to start designing a great user experience on a mobile device, using common sense design approaches or simply learning by doing won’t be enough. With Google reporting that 61% of users were unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and, even worse, 40% choosing to visit a competitor’s site instead, such uneducated approaches could prove disastrous for your product or website. A user’s comprehension is 50% less on a mobile device, which means that content, navigation, and visual design elements must be twice as intuitive as they are on a desktop. With hard facts like that, you must constantly keep in mind the point that little screens mean very little room for error.

Quiz Answers for Mobile User Experience (UX) Design on Interaction Design Foundation

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Mobile User Experience Design

Identify design elements in mobile UX design:

  • Navigation and layout
  • Call to action
  • All of above

Responsive design is an approach where…

  • The system prevents some functions from being available to the users when they are not relevant in the current context of use.
  • The system detects the characteristics of the device on which it is running and adapts the content layout for better usability.
  • The system prevents some content from being available to the users when they are not relevant in the current context of use.

During task-oriented design…

  • UX designers consider the users’ goals and analyze the sequence of reasons that motivate these goals.
  • The UX of a product focuses exclusively on getting users to accomplish goals by exclusively interacting with digital devices.
  • User goals are broken down into tasks and sub-tasks, for which the UX designer considers the user’s goals, motivations and available devices for performing these tasks.

What’s an example of Adaptive design?

  • Adapts to needs and tasks performed by users
  • Adapts to a user’s preferences
  • Adapts to resize image dimensions

How is a responsive design different from an m-dot site?

  • Responsive looks like an m dot site
  • Responsive usually does not drastically change the site’s design
  • Responsive provides a ‘view full site’ link

Which of the following is NOT one of the three main considerations for responsive design?

  • Fluid Grids
  • Fluid Image Use
  • Fluid Retention

What is the easiest and best thing you can do to save time when developing a responsive framework?

  • Hire more people to design it
  • Make people work harder on the project
  • Use an existing framework during the design process

Which is easier to implement?

  • Responsive design
  • Adaptive design
  • Both are as easy as each other

Which is the form of design which typically delivers the best UX on any given device?

  • Responsive design
  • Adaptive design
  • Both achieve identical results

Mobile interactions must be…

  • User-agnostic
  • User-driven
  • User-specified

What is true of mobile users?

  • They are in constant contact with their devices
  • They are in regular contact with their devices
  • They are in occasional contact with their devices

Which of the following is a cultural context of mobile use

  • A user wants an app that warns him about high data consumption when travelling abroad.
  • A user needs to reply to emails, texts, etc. on a packed commuter train.
  • A user knows she must not become distracted when using crosswalks, due to the traffic laws.

In which year was social proof identified as a phenomenon?

  • 1934
  • 1935
  • 1936

What is a good reason to use social proof on a website?

  • It adds a social nature to the site
  • It adds credibility to the site
  • It adds extra readers to the site

Which of these describes the best practice in displaying social proof in your mobile design?

  • Make all customer reviews readily visible, to maximize trust.
  • Only show positive reviews, hide the negative ones.
  • Keep the number of average user ratings and customer reviews to a comfortable level.

What do we mean by “faking it” in terms of product design?

  • Building a prototype
  • Deceiving investors
  • Designing marketing material

What is an advantage of building a prototype?

  • It is good fun
  • It offers fast feedback after development of the product
  • It offers fast feedback prior to development of the product

Lesson 2: The Elements of Mobile UX

Which of the following is one of Josh Clark’s states of web access?

  • Excitement
  • Enthusiasm
  • Bored

Which tool can help you get to know your users?

  • User persona
  • User picture
  • User proforma

Which of the following is a reason that “mobile first” is an important strategy?

  • Mobile spends the most money
  • Mobile has exploded
  • Mobile is the only thing that matters

Is mobile first always the right strategy?

  • Yes, of course it is
  • No, never it’s already outdated
  • Maybe, it depends on the results of your user research

Who first said “content is king”?

  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Bill Gates

What is an advantage of a mobile first approach when it comes to content?

  • You manage the most crowded space first and everything becomes easier after that
  • Everyone needs the mobile edition before the desktop one
  • It is the cheapest way to conduct development

What should happen if a user exits an app without finishing a task?

  • They should have to start again
  • They should be able to start in the same place as they were prior to exiting
  • They should be able to start at a save point

When should you use a modal box?

  • Whenever you feel like it
  • To encourage the user
  • To protect the user

Which of the following is good advice?

  • Put controls higher up so users can reach them with their thumbs more easily.
  • Always include auto-correct as users have reduced accuracy on smaller screens.
  • Ask for confirmation from the user only when it is necessary.

Which of the following is NOT a typical user state for mobile?

  • Microtasking
  • Local
  • Excited

What is the first activity Google suggest to tap into micro-moments in design?

  • Make a moments map
  • Optimize across the journey
  • Measure every moment that matters

Which of the following is NOT an example of the KISS principle applied to mobile navigation?

  • Keep categories to a minimum
  • Keep categories together
  • Keep categories in unconnected silos

What is click investment?

  • The number of meaningless clicks we make
  • The number of clicks required to carry out a task
  • The amount of money it costs to get a user to click

Which of the following is a qualitative research method?

  • Behavioural analysis
  • Journal study
  • Automated logging

Which of the following is a quantitative research method?

  • Journal study
  • Observation
  • Experience Sampling Method

Which of these methods would help you get the best insights into users’ intents and contexts when they use a design you’re testing?

  • Automated logging
  • Journal/diary studies
  • Behavioral analysis

Which of the following is an important difference between mobile and desktop that should be taken into consideration when designing for mobile?

  • Mobile is mobile
  • Mobile devices are much cheaper than desktop devices
  • Mobile has more manufacturers than desktop

Which of these is a tool for simulating real life in the lab?

  • Telling participants to imagine that they are outdoors
  • Playing music in the lab
  • Playing football in the lab

Which research tool is the best for capturing a lot of data quickly?

  • Diary study
  • Online survey
  • ESM

What is the primary reason for conducting remote research?

  • It allows us to learn about the user in the natural environment of use
  • It’s much easier to use than other forms of research
  • It’s always cheaper than other forms of research

What does ASO stand for?

  • App Store Observation
  • App Store Optimization
  • App Store Organization

Which of the following can increase app discoverability?

  • Print media
  • Internal memos
  • Excellent user help

What percentage of users find their apps in app stores?

  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 50%

What do you need after a marketing plan?

  • An effective sales pitch
  • An effective execution plan
  • An effective marketing budget

Which marketing approach is most like UX design?

  • Keep on talking.
  • Get trial users and ask them to promote it.
  • Marketing doesn’t stop at launch.

Lesson 3: Fit The Task

What are 2 rules for Mobile?

  • Context is key, visual control always
  • Context is key, fat finger friendly always
  • Context is key, task oriented layouts

When designing Clean Layouts for mobile this includes:

  • Windows, Icons, Dialogs, Menus
  • Controls, Back button, Navigation, Icon
  • Controls, context, swipe and tap friendly

Specifically, what would you achieve by accommodating distractions in your design?

  • Less interface friction
  • Fewer broken tasks
  • Reduced need to scroll

What is a technique to help users with mobile internet instability?

  • Add more video to the pages
  • Reduce the number of images on pages
  • Increase the resolution of images on pages

What is a good tip for content on mobile?

  • Add more content than on the desktop
  • Don’t use Flash in your designs
  • Make content more involved than on the desktop

When using apps or websites on mobile devices, users are often…

  • situated in calm environments and pay partial attention to their phones.
  • situated in distracted environments and pay partial attention to their phones.
  • situated in distracted environments and pay full attention to their phones.

The “One Thumb, One Eyeball” test finds out if an app or website…

  • provides value to users
  • is simple enough to use easily
  • is search-engine optimized

Why is cognitive friction a problem for users?

  • It makes them think more than they have to
  • It makes them buy more than they have to
  • It makes them more interested in a subject they have no interest in

How could you test for cognitive friction in design?

  • Eye tracking software
  • Expert evaluation
  • End of life cycle analysis

What is one of the most important aspects of mobile UX design?

  • Make the user aware of her tasks
  • Make the main task apparent
  • Make navigation contrast less visible

What do personas provide?

  • Information on usability
  • Information on desirability
  • Emotional design

What makes mobile a platform for emotion design?

  • Interfaces touch social and emotional contexts
  • Interfaces reach users with rich emotional apps
  • Interfaces are used when users have emotions

Is traditional market research useful for you as a designer?

  • Yes, since you can learn more about desirability factors for your design.
  • Yes, since you can learn more about usability factors for your design.
  • No, the findings would reflect what users tell you they do rather than what they truly do.

Which of the following is NOT a “Don’t of Mobile Usability“?

  • Don’t take users to browsers
  • Don’t use underlined URLs
  • Don’t use password logins

Which of the following is a mobile usability best practice?

  • Content and all text should be easy to read
  • Text and background contrast should be minimized
  • Text should be in long form throughout

Mobile users are different from desktop users – what’s the best way to observe them?

  • In the lab
  • In the wild
  • In your office

What is a key use of mobile personas?

  • To test the usability of apps
  • Validating design team decisions
  • Stereotyping users negatively

Which of the following is true?

  • You should combine user personas with scenarios.
  • The best proto-personas represent idealized pictures of users’ desires.
  • User personas come from your best estimate of what users’ goals are, told in rich, complex stories.

What is a good analogy of a task-oriented approach with regard to driving a car?

  • User only cares about the driving experience.
  • User cares about the car, the engine and all its technical characteristics.
  • User only likes the color of the car.

What is GOOB?

  • An approach to outside-in or user-centered design that you should use.
  • A narrative structure to build your user persona on.
  • A quick recipe to help you create user stories.

Which of these best matches a mental model for visiting a grocery store?

  • “A grocery store visit is a trip to a real-world retail outlet where users purchase groceries.”
  • “List of things to buy; money to afford groceries; transport to get to store; time to shop.”
  • “Enter store; take basket or cart; choose groceries; take to checkout; pay; leave store.”

What is true about many cases of user stories?

  • You can easily apply task flows in them to reflect what users do.
  • In most cases, they are not based on real-world information.
  • They help you construct a conceptual model from a mental model.

What should you bear in mind when you want to conduct a task analysis with a client?

  • It’s better to do what the client prefers and interview in a conference room or over the phone.
  • It’s better to sit with a client’s test user in a more informal environment (e.g., at the user’s desk).
  • The task flow is more important than the environment in which you interview the user.

What is the best approach to designing to suit the users’ mental model and needs?

  • Tool-oriented
  • Environment-oriented
  • Task-oriented

Desirability is a matter of:

  • How the user thinks about a product
  • How the user feels about a product
  • How the user expresses themselves during research

What should you focus on to design for desirability in mobile designs?

  • Complex, more engaging content.
  • Visuals, content and form elements.
  • A clear picture of how you predict users will receive your design.

What is the fourth level of user experience according to the Nielsen Norman Group conference in Amsterdam 2008?

  • Utility
  • Usability
  • Brand Experience

What question does brand experience need a positive answer for?

  • Does the user feel good about the product and the company/brand that makes it?
  • Does the user always use this brand?
  • Does the user remember this brand?

Complete the phrase… “Don’t sell,….”

  • Market
  • Listen
  • Talk

What does Steve Blank think a major flaw in start-ups is?

  • They sell to a market they believe exists
  • They sell to a market they know exists
  • They sell to a market they already have

Which of the following is an example of a confused mental model?

  • A user clicking on a “click here” button
  • A user trying to login into a website in the same way as they log into their e-mail
  • A user using a scroll bar to move around the page

What is a good rule of thumb for mental models?

  • Users will form their mental models based on interactions with existing applications and web sites
  • Users will form their mental models based on expectations of future interactions
  • Users will form their mental models at random and they cannot be predicted

Which of the following is true about a divide between a design and a user’s mental model?

  • You can always change the design to match the user’s understanding of a concept.
  • You can often change the design to match the user’s model, but sometimes must provide visual cues and other assistance to help users understand your design.
  • You can easily replace someone’s mental model with a well-designed product.

Which of these does NOT go into a conceptual model?

  • Objects
  • Tasks
  • User commands

Which of the following is a benefit of using a conceptual model?

  • It provides a high-level understanding of how your mobile application will work
  • It provides a high-level insight as to how users will perceive the product
  • It provides a high-level understanding at to how users will buy the product

Task Analysis is an activity…

  • That is only undertaken at the start of a project
  • That can be undertaken multiple times during a project
  • That exclusively involves designers

Task Analysis helps us

  • Understand the ways users tackle their problems and achieve goals
  • Build empathy with our users
  • Evaluate the aesthetics of a UX design

What is the most important aspect of how you should approach a task analysis?

  • Seeing it from the user’s perspective.
  • Seeing it in terms of removing needless steps.
  • Seeing it in terms of lowering how much mental work the user has to do.

Lesson 4: Fitting The UI Style Guide

Why do ergonomics matter with iPhone 6 and large tablet type screen resolutions?

  • Users have to swipe larger areas, adding more gesture load.
  • Users have more real estate to view, adding more visual load.
  • Users have to reach more, adding effort to the experience.

When a person uses their right hand, which area of a mobile device is hardest to reach in one hand use?

  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Top left

Which of the following is true of a tablet when compared to a smartphone?

  • It is less powerful
  • It is less mobile
  • It is less useful

Which of the following is true of a smartphone when compared to a tablet?

  • Users are more likely to be poor
  • Users are more likely to be distracted
  • Users are more likely to be intelligent

Which of the following is an example of plain English?

  • To cease the contraption carefully control the interface
  • Push button to stop
  • To direct the carriage horizontally use horizontal lever arch in position 3

What do readers think of complex policy statements?

  • Generally, they love them
  • Generally, they treat them with contempt
  • Generally, they are happy with them

Why is high contrast an issue to be considered on mobile?

  • Users are squinting due to small screen size.
  • Users are not seeing elements on a screen due to size.
  • Users are on the move in varied lighting environments.

What is a good thing to avoid in mobile UX?

  • Extra navigation
  • Visual metaphors, aka skeuomorphism
  • One-handed operations

What is skeuomorphism?

  • The use of icons
  • The use of representations that mimic the real world
  • The use of representations that differ from the real world

What is the main problem with skeuomorphism?

  • It leads to excessive detail and cluttered interfaces
  • It is not intuitive
  • It is too difficult to design

When we say “don’t change the map” what do we mean?

  • Don’t change the site map unnecessarily
  • Never build anything new
  • Use Google maps and stick with it

What do we mean by habitual?

  • Something done once
  • Something done over and over again
  • Something done occasionally

What is a good way to test for learnability and discoverability?

  • Conduct user research prior to design phase
  • Conduct user research only after launch
  • Conduct iterative tests on multiple release versions

What does an action bar do?

  • Allows the user to “bank” previous actions
  • Suggests actions the user has not carried out before
  • Allows the user to animate interactions

What was the first augmented reality machine called?

  • Sensorama
  • Diorama
  • ViewMaster

What is augmented reality about?

  • Using smartphones to display images
  • Enhancing the real world with computer-generated input
  • Creating images that mimic the real world

What’s a good way to aid discovery of features or advanced settings on mobile?

  • Provide high contrast
  • Provide hints or transitions
  • Provide clear menus

How many colors are you suggested in the video to use in mobile?

  • 1-2
  • 2-4
  • 4-7

What does Mobile First stand for?

  • Design for Tasks, Context and Focused Interactions
  • Design for Responsive sites
  • Design for varied mobile user interactions

Can you use hovers in mobile?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

How can UX be enhanced with responsive web design:

  • By hiding content
  • By supporting mobile usability
  • By avoiding accessibility

What is a native app?

  • One designed to run on any operating system
  • One designed to run on a single operating system
  • One designed to run on more than one operating system

What is a responsive website?

  • One designed to scale to the device using the browser for delivery
  • One designed to run on any operating system
  • One designed to run on a single operating system

Are icons essential in mobile UX?

  • Yes, they are standard
  • No, it depends on if they are intuitive
  • Maybe, it depends on the app

What is proximity?

  • Closeness of call to actions
  • Closeness of items indicating relationship
  • Ok and Cancel button

Lesson 5: UI Mobile Components And Patterns

What does GPS standard for?

  • Global Positioning Satellite
  • Global Positioning Software
  • Global Positioning System

Which of the following is a Linux based OS for smartphones?

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Sailfish

What do the operating system developers say is the best use for mobile splash screens?

  • To make users feel welcome
  • To make users think the app has loaded more quickly than it has
  • To encourage users to buy additional products

What are splash screens often used for in games and desktop applications?

  • To make users think the app has loaded more quickly than it has
  • To market to users and to improve brand visibility
  • To make users feel welcome

What might you want to kill off in your mobile designs?

  • The use of passwords
  • The use of user names
  • The use of CAPTCHA

Which acronym offers a useful tip for designers?

  • FISH
  • KISS
  • TOSH

Which of the following needs consideration when designing user profiles?

  • Privacy
  • Piracy
  • Plurality

When should you collect user data on mobile?

  • Before sign up
  • Only when the data is essential
  • After sign up

What is the most common way to allow a user control over a map surface area?

  • Keyboard arrow keys
  • Scrolling and panning
  • Buttons

What is the guideline size for a touch point?

  • 18 px X 18 px
  • 36 px X 36 px
  • 54 px X 54 px

Can you use more than one demo when designing a mobile app’s help function?

  • No, you cannot use more than one demo
  • Yes, if the user will benefit from it
  • You should not use any demos at all

How long should it take for a single screen summary to “just vanish”?

  • 1 second
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds

What is a complex form of filtered searching?

  • Explicit searching
  • Dynamic searching
  • Faceted searching

Which is a form of filtering based on the current status of input in the search field?

  • Dynamic searching
  • Contextual searching
  • Faceted searching

What is the comprehension level of mobile?

  • 50%
  • 10%
  • 8%

What does VIP stand for in mobile UX design?

  • Visual, Intelligent and Personal
  • Visual, Interruptible and Playful
  • Visual, Interpersonal and Portable

Mobile User Experience (UX) Design on Interaction design foundation

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