Links in Markdown

  • Link is used to create hyper link in web page.
  • Hyper link is used to navigate from one page to another.
  • Markdown provide easy way to add a link into the page.
  1. Link text
  2. Link URL

we must enclosed link text in square brackets [] and then add URL text into rounded brackets ()

Example 1

Click here to open Google!

Yahoo Link : Click here to open Yahoo!

<a href="">Click here to open Google !</a>
  • We can also specify title with the link.
  • The title works as description for the link.
  • It’s an optional attribute.
  • That title will display when user hover over the link.
  • To add the title append it after URL enclosed within quotes "".

Example 2

Click here to open Tesla!

URLs and Email Addresses

Example 3

[email protected]

  • You can also emphasize the link by using asterisks

Example 4

This is document for Markdown : Markdown Guide

This is document for Markdown : Markdown Guide

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