Laravel's Eloquent whereTime() filtering method

Laravel provides many additional methods other than standard methods. You might be familiar with where(), orWhere(), whereJsonContains() or whereJsonLength(). And these additional methods are worth checking.

In this article, we will see whereTime(), one of the supplementary methods that comes in handy when you want to compare the table’s field value with a specific time.


The whereTime() method helps to get records matching the specific time.


whereTime('fieldName', 'operator', 'time');
  • The first parameter is fieldName with which a comparison is to be done.
  • The second parameter is an operator for comparison, such as =, <>, >, >=, < or <=.
  • The third parameter is a time for comparison in HH:MM:SS.

Example 1

$users = User::whereTime('login_at', '11:12:31')->get();

Example 2

$orders = Order::whereTime('created_at', '10:01:19')->get();

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