How to open a Command Menu in Chromium based browsers such as Google Chrome

Chromium Browser comes with the Command Menu which provides a way to navigate to the Chrome DevTools UI and perform common tasks, such as enabling/disabling JavaScript, taking screenshot of a node or screen area.

Visual Studio Code has a similar feature called as the Command Palette.

How to open a Command Menu

  • To open the DevTools Command Menu, press Cmd + Shift + P (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows, Linux).
    Command Menu
  • You can also click Customize And Control DevTools
    Customize And Control DevTools
    and then select Run Command.
    Run command for disabling JavaScript

The Command Menu uses a fuzzy search. The list of commands that you see upon opening the Command Menu represents all available commands.


Hope you find this helpful.

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Vishnu Damwala

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