Flutter Introduction

  • Flutter is an open source UI software development toolkit created by Google and now managed by ECMA standard

  • The first version of flutter was released in May 2017 but the stable version of this framework was released on 4th December 2018.

  • Flutter allows you to create wonderful natively compiled applications that run on mobile, web, desktop and still in progress for other platforms.

  • Flutter provides you the facility to run your applications on different platforms like android, iOS, web by using single code base.

  • Flutter works on a programming language called Dart. Dart is also created by Google. Dart focuses on the front-end development. The syntax of Dart looks similar to JavaScript.

Flutter has two important components

  1. SDK
  2. Framework

SDK : It stands for Software Development Kit which contains all the libraries,tools,documentation to build a native app.

Framework : It is a collection of reusable UI elements like button, textbox, appbar and many more that developers can customize based on their needs.


  1. Simple to run and use

    Compared to other frameworks flutter is easy to work with. Even the installation process is simple. Goggle has even bundled Dart with Flutter installation package so everything installed at once.

  2. Quick compilation

    Flutter provides the feature called Hot-reload which means developers can see their applied changes in real-time. It only takes a matter of seconds after you save and update the application itself.

  3. Easy documentation

    Flutter has rich documentation.You can learn anything about flutter using that document. They provide easy guidance about flutter.

  4. Growing community

    Flutter has a robust community. Where every developer across the globe shares their ideas, solutions based on the problems that are useful and time-saving approach for other users.

  5. Great UI

    Flutter has a large collection of UI that is useful for creating beautiful native apps. Flutter has a high-performance graphics engine used by Adobe,Chrome,Amazon Kindle. It also provides custom design to develop applications.

  6. Low cost app-development

    Flutter provides more efficient and easy work development and also requires less man-hours. Cost of application is lower in flutter.

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