Linux commands to find IP address of a website

The Linux also provides commands to get IP address a website.

What is an IP address?

The IP address is a network technology designed to allow connected devices to communicate with other devices over the Internet. It is like labelling any device connected to a network so that it can be uniquely identified.

Each device connected to the internet will be assigned a unique IP address.

Two different versions of IP address

  • IPv4
  • IPv6

An IPv4 address would be like 126.457.14.512 based on decimal(0-9) values.

An IPv6 address would be like: 2001:DB8::8A2E:370:7334 based on hexadecimal(0-9 and A-F) values.

This article shows the usage of command line utilities to get IP address and other details

Find the IP address of a website using dig command

The dig command

The dig is a network administration command-line utility for Domain Name System (DNS) lookup.

It is useful for troubleshooting network and for educational purposes. It supports Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) queries.

It is quite popular among DNS administrators to troubleshoot DNS problems due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Syntax for dig command

dig <websiteURL>

Example of dig command




The ANSWER SECTION will list the IP address of a website.

Find the IP address of a website using the host command

The host command

The host is also network command-line utility for performing Domain Name System (DNS) lookup.

It is most commonly used for converting names to IP addresses and vice versa.

Syntax for host command

host <websiteURL>

Example of dig command

... has address mail is handled by 0


In this article, you just saw two networking command utility that gives the desired result to retrieve website IP address in Linux terminal.

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