What's the difference between a method and a function?

In this tutorial we will see actual difference between a method and a function with examples.

A function is a set of statements for the purpose of code reusability. And it performs a task and can be called anywhere in your program. A function is a basic block for writing modular codes.

In general: a method belongs to a class and is similar to a function.

But in JavaScript, method is a function that belongs to an object. As everything in JavaScript is an object; including function, and an array.

Example for function

const power = function (base, exponent) {
  let result = 1;

  for (let count = 0; count < exponent; count++) {
    result *= base;

  return result;

console.log(power(2, 4));
// Output → 16

Another example for function

const factorial = function (n) {
  return n > 2 ? n * factorial(n - 1) : 1;

// Output → 120

Example for method

const celebrity = {
  firstName: "Aishwarya",
  lastName: "Rai",
  profession: "Actress",
  getFullName: function () {
    return this.firstName + " " + this.lastName;

// Output → Aishwarya Rai

Here method named getFullName is accessed via object i.e celebrity.getFullName().

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