Dart - Arithmetic Operators

Dart supports different arithmetic operators that can be used to performs mathematical calculations on the values and variables.

The basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. are performed with these operators.

Arithmetic operations are performed according to the order or precedence of operators.

The general structure of every expression

Every expression will follow this general structure

Operand Operator Operand [Operator Operand] …

  • Operand represents data.
  • An operator is a symbol used to perform operation such as mathematical, logical or relational producing a final result.
  • For example, x + y where x and y are operands and + is an operator.
  • For example, a = 7 where, = is an operator and a and 7 are operands.

In this article, you will find Arithmetic operators provided by Dart.

Arithmetic operators

Basic mathematical calculations are preformed on numeric values with the use of arithmetic operators.

+Additionx + y
-Subtractionx - y
-exprUnary minus, aka negation (reverse the sign of the expression)-x
*Multiplicationx * y
/Divisionx / y
~/Divide, returning an integer resultx ~/ y
%Get the remainder of an integer division (modulo)x % y
  • All of these listed operators are binary operators.
  • All these operators also follow the general structure of Operand Operator Operand, meaning that an operator is always surrounded by two operands.
  • For example, an expression x + y is a binary operation, where x and y are the two operands and + is an operator.

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