With Chrome Music Lab make Songs in your browser

Web Browsers are not just used for displaying web pages, images or videos.

Browser developers are extending their limit every time by developing something innovative.

Google has tons of Chrome Experiments which push the Chrome browser to its limits.

Chrome Experiments

Google’s Chrome Music Lab is a website that contains some experiments done by Google’s creative team. These site makes learning about music a bit more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

They allow anyone to explore how music works at Music Lab

You can play with sound, rhythm, melody, and more. People are using it in exciting ways, for exploring music and its connections to science, math, art, dance, and more.

They’ve even made code open-source on GitHub so that others can build something new based on what they’ve started. These experiments use a variety of tools such as Web Audio API, WebRTC, WebMIDI, Tone.js, and more.

We hope these might be used as inspiration or reference for anyone who wants to create their own music projects on the web. It might also inspire to give a new perspective on music, or even make teachers think of new ways to teach or code.

Chrome Music Lab’s Song Maker

Song Maker is exactly what it sounds, but it sounds even better when you actually use it. It’s a simple way for anyone to make a song, then share it with a link without login.

Anyone can instantly hear what you made, and even riff on it to make their own song.

It lives on the web, so you don’t need to install any apps to try it. And, it works across devices—phones, tablets, computers.

There’s no way to actually export or download it. You can Save it, but all it does is just give you a link to share.

Just for fun, you should try it once.

Vishnu Damwala
Vishnu Damwala

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