When was the last time you saw a walkie-talkie? Check your pocket out. Several apps on smartphone mimic as walkie-talkie which provides seamless instant push-to-talk communication. Have you ever wonder to make and receive free calls between two smartphones connected to your local WiFi network.

With WiFi Talkie, you can make voice calls, send text messages, and even files, over a local WiFi network or use a mobile hotspot without an actual phone number, or call out to a traditional phone.

The app doesn’t require any internet or any active cellular connection to make it work. Only a local WiFi network or hotspot will allow to share files, make and receive calls and messages.

WiFi Talkie for making free calls
WiFi Talkie App

It allows you to place quick calls between users on the same network & is basically like a walkie talkie, which includes feature to send files and text. You need to be within the range of the WiFi router or the mobile hotspot.

User Interface of an app is quite simple and easy to use. It provides list of all those who are online & good sound quality even on a low WiFi signal makes it much more helpful. It supports Bluetooth headset, features a speaker mode, noise reduction, and you can have unlimited number of active calls.

Users can also connect to the hotspot and place calls. You can even use your phone as a walkie talkie where in places where there is low or no network such as the train, airplane, long-distance transport, forest and mountains, stadium, concert hall and other public places where a cellular signal is weak.

WiFi Talkie is also well suited for communication within a WiFi network of your home, office, school, university or dorms.

It comes quite handy when sometimes your mom need to call for dinner or even to ask to turn the music off.

Businesses person need a cost effective way to keep in contact with employee’s while on the job?

The free version of “The WiFi Talkie” app is available on Google Play Store and it is worth trying. Pro version is also available which removes ads and includes more features.

(*) If you create a hotspot while your device’s Internet connection enabled, then Internet tethering (sharing) becomes activated.


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